25 Apr

Ending poverty linked to ethnicity in Wales

Ending poverty linked to ethnicity in Wales
Ending poverty linked to ethnicity in Wales


In a roundtable series supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, NGOs, academics and local and national government officials considered the analysis and proposals in the JRF Viewpoint “Breaking the links between poverty and ethnicity in Wales”. In this podcast some of the participants give their reactions:

Ali Abdi, Community Partnerships manager at the Grangetown Community Gateway, Cardiff, was struck by the positive flow of ideas and aspiration for change.

Dr Rachel Bowen, Policy Manager for the Federation of Small Businesses in Wales, cautioned against simplistic solutions and flagged up the tendency to start businesses in traditional sectors where income may be low.

Christine O’Byrne, Policy and Research Lead for Chwarae Teg, the Welsh charity promoting women’s progress in the workplace, expressed concern about the additional disadvantages faced by women from ethnic minority groups: “We know that women face multiple disadvantage, so as a woman you would be disadvantaged in the economy, and as a woman from an ethnic minority group you’d be even more so.”

Dr Richard Gale, a lecturer in human geography at Cardiff University, was interested in how the existing evidence base can be used: “When we move into thinking about where and when to intervene, the question emerges: where do you intervene in a particular problem to help create more positive pathways and transition?”

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